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Corporate and social responsibility

Enotria CSR Policy

Since it was founded in 1972, Enotria has grown to be a company of over 200 employees with 250 suppliers and over 2500 customers. Today we source and supply wine from all over the world.

As Enotria continues to grow, we have become increasingly aware of the responsibility we have. As a large corporate body in the Wine and Spirits industry, we understand that we have a need to ensure that our impact on society and the environment is as positive as possible.

We believe in maintaining the balance between running a successful business and working towards a happy and healthy environment. With these ideas in mind, we have developed four pillars of corporate and social responsibility in order to structure our plans and implement initiatives quickly and effectively. These are:

Responsible Drinking

Responsible Sourcing and Supplying


Staff Wellbeing and Charity Support

To ensure we are constantly re-evaluating our aims and ideas, a Corporate and Social Responsibility Committee has been established making use of a wide range of employee knowledge and skills to head up each of our pillars of responsibility.

Responsible Drinking

Wine is a delicious and integral part of many lives, and when treated with respect adds to the enjoyment of many social occasions and mealtimes. As a drinks supplier, we recognise we have a duty of care to our customers and our staff to ensure that alcohol is enjoyed in a responsible way.

Here are some of the ways in which Enotria helps to support responsible drinking:

The Drinkaware Trust

Drinkaware is an independent, UK-wide charity which carries out a range of work to equip people with the knowledge they need to make sensible choices about how much they drink. You can discover more at

Enotria is a committed sponsor and we work with drinkaware to find ways of promoting their campaigns.

We highly recommend their Alcohol unit and calorie counter as a useful tool to monitor your alcohol intake and to keep an eye on your weight!


We think it is important to be aware that a small increase in ABV can greatly affect alcohol intake. We encourage our sales teams to adopt measures such as the “Love Units” campaign in our wine list brochure where we offer to include explanation and information on units in any wine lists we produce.


Enotria is an active member of the Wines and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA). A significant part of the WSTA's role is in the promotion and implementation of responsible drinking policies for suppliers, customers and consumers alike.

Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD)

Enotria is a signatory to the PHRD, a Government initiative to tackle alcohol misuse. The deal includes a number of pledges on alcohol, for example:

  • On product labelling on shelf - ensuring consumers are aware of alcohol units contained in their drinks
  • Supplying information to on trade customers about alcohol units and recommended safe levels of consumption

You can learn more here.


We recognise we have a duty of care to our employees and are committed to working to ensure they have information about alcohol and the dangers of alcohol misuse. 

There is lots of information about safe use of alcohol and alcohol limits on both the drinkaware website ( and through our Health & Wellbeing Advisory Service.

Responsible Sourcing and Supplying

At Enotria we do not make any wine ourselves, or supply directly to consumers (except through our retail outlet, Great Western Wine). Therefore we have found that it is equally important for us to encourage our partners to develop good CSR policies and increased sustainability wherever we can.


We like to see our suppliers doing their extra bit to care for their environment, their staff and the people who eventually enjoy their wine. Wine producers by their nature tend to have a keen sense of responsibility about the footprint they leave on their environment. Our job therefore is to encourage them to go above and beyond legal requirements to make their wineries happy, healthy places, paving the way for a responsible industry by starting at the roots.

By highlighting the actions of some of our most sustainable suppliers, we hope we can inspire others to do more to help the environment and go above and beyond the required standards.

Take a look at what Yealands have been up to in order to make themselves 100% carbon neutral!

J.Lohr have been heavily involved in California’s Sustainable Winegrowing Program which gives growers and vintners educational tools to increase adoption of sustainable practices and to measure and demonstrate ongoing improvement.

Our partners in Sicily, Cantine Settesoli have taken the translation of their name “seven suns” literally by introducing 2500 solar panels to power their winery.  They are also leading the way in producing light weight bottles which, in turn decreases our carbon footprint in distribution in the UK.  A shining example of sustainability in Old World wine.


We ensure that none of our goods are imported by air, unless absolutely necessary, and with our suppliers, make regular use of the “Wine Train” running from Verona to France to transport a high proportion of our products. This is a great example of the industry working together to reduce their fuel consumption when importing from the continent.

As a next step toward reducing the carbon footprint of our deliveries, Enotria introduced Paragon Van Routing software in the first quarter of 2013.

Paragon is used for planning, optimising and managing our daily delivery schedules, and aside from the customer service benefits this will bring, our objective is to reduce total distance travelled and thus reduce fuel consumption. Our target is to reduce van mileage by 15%, which will be achieved by planning delivery schedules (covering delivery drop sequence, and by the minute timings) according to customer, driver and vehicle specifications. The use of GPS tracking will be used alongside the software to validate the performance against schedules and where the driver and van is at any given time. This is both good business sense, and better for the environment.


Enotria is committed to establishing an Environmental Management System in accordance with the standards outlined in ISO 14001 and conducting its business in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

Our Environmental Policy aims at providing products that are environmentally respectful throughout their lifecycles, and to conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. This policy encompasses areas of our business strategy in assuring that we are committed to a continuous improvement process which includes a commitment to minimising and controlling the impact of our business operations on the environment.

You can view our Environmental Policy here: Environmental Policy

Energy Usage

At Enotria we are committed to the efficient use of energy and the use of renewable energy technologies. We promote high standards of energy efficiency in the design, construction and implementation of new equipment in the pursuance of our business. Our efforts include:

  • Monitoring energy consumption and making staff aware of the need to save energy
  • Working on energy conservation and the use of renewable resources
  • Seeking assistance from external sources such as Business Link for projects on the efficient use of electricity
  • Ensuring that our supply partners comply with water and energy labelling

Water Consumption

We are committed to reducing the amount of metered water used and encourage water conservation.


Waste minimisation, re-use and recycling have environmental benefits by reducing consumption of raw materials, saving energy and limiting both landfill and incineration. We use schemes for the recycling and re-use of:

  1. all waste cardboard, plastic, aluminium and glass
  2. all inkjet and toner cartridges
  3. all waste office paper

Waste Management

We comply with the Waste Packaging Regulations (Produce Responsibility) and have done since their inception. Our Registration Number is 1091904.

We promote waste minimisation in our distribution activities through re-use of boxes, packaging and pallets within our distribution centre. However we still have waste output, and engage three organisations to dispose of any waste that we have as follows:

  1. Simply Waste – deal with all of our office recycling of paper, plastic, aluminium and glass
  2. Sita Waste – remove all other waste output from our distribution centre, but carry out a sortation of this waste and a percentage is subsequently converted back into raw materials;
  3. Abbey Services Pallets Ltd – collect our surplus/waste pallets and either re-use them or convert them into wood chips for re-use as raw material

We have verified that these organisations hold the necessary certificates to do so such as Waste Management Licences, and they are registered with the EA for the activities they conduct.

Staff Wellbeing and Charity Support

Our people are key to our success and ongoing growth, so it should be no surprise that we make a special effort to look after them.

By offering support both socially and physically through our Health & Wellbeing Advisory Service we aim to provide out staff with a work environment where they feel they always have someone to turn to.

Cycle to Work Scheme

An increasing number of our staff have benefitted from the Government's Cycle to Work initiative. This has not only reduced our carbon footprint but also helped to keep many employees fit and healthy. Many of our cyclists take place in our charity bike rides. Read more about them here.

Corporate Gym Membership

Our private medical insurers AXA PPP have kindly agreed to extend access to discounted gym membership offered to private medical insurance holders to all employees.

A varied range of discounts are available at over 900 gyms across the country, including local council and privately owned gyms.


The Charity Committee organises a series of events throughout the year to fundraise and also to have fun. Many of our charity events double up as social occasions such as the pub quiz and our recent coffee morning for Macmillan.


Charitable causes are close to the heart of many at Enotria, and our staff undertake all sorts of events and initiatives to raise awareness and funds for a huge range of good causes.

Our staff nominate potential charities to support each year, and then we hold a vote to select one. For the last 3 years our staff have chosen Taylan's Project.

Taylan Rawlinson was the son of Andy Rawlinson, who works in the Off Trade Team at Enotria. Taylan developed a brain tumour and tragically died aged 7 in August 2009. Andy and his wife Figen have worked tirelessly since Taylan's death to raise awareness for this relatively unknown but extremely dangerous form of cancer. Brain tumor research receives less than 1% of national cancer research spending in the UK yet this devastating disease kills more children and people under the age of 40 than any other cancer. Their website carries more details.

Donations can be made directly at

At the same time, Enotria retains its popular policy of matching employees' charitable fundraising efforts for their own causes, up to a maximum single donation of £250.