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Monthly Archives: December 2009

  • Lebanese Carmenere

    Posted on December 30, 2009 by Enotriaadmin

    This week between Christmas and New Year traditionally is a bit of a quiet one for the trade (obviously not in terms of amount of product consumed by the public) with most suppliers and indeed colleagues on holiday and the last remnants of cakes left lying around the office starting to lose their appeal. One ...

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  • Tasting notes & web alerts

    Posted on December 29, 2009 by Enotriaadmin

    Web alerts are a very modern phenomenon. In one sense they are very helpful, as they keep us posted of mentions of our wines from around the world. As you obviously can't read everything that's being written,they serve as an 'at a glance' summary of coverage. They are also responsible for stumbling across some ...

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  • Christmas wines - what to drink

    Posted on December 21, 2009 by Enotriaadmin

    I have been canvassing m'learned colleagues on their festive season choices. Here are a few responses - may give you an idea if you're looking for something different this year. Harry says: “With all the family (18 of them!) the Henriot 96 will be cracked open to lighten hearts and accompany nibbles such ...

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  • Prosecco - the rules

    Posted on December 18, 2009 by Enotriaadmin

    From the 1st of August 2009 all Prosecco will be protected both within and outside the EU. Producers making Prosecco from outside DOCG and DOC areas will have to use the alternative name for the grape, Glera on their label instead of Prosecco. Meanwhile the actual delimited Prosecco zones also change.
    The two territorial changes ...

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  • Ginger here

    Posted on December 17, 2009 by Enotriaadmin

    Enotria's very own 'grow your own' specialist, Daniel Hart, reports on his efforts to produce home made ginger (for home made ginger beer, natch!)
    "I like pushing boundaries, people tell me you can't ripen red grapes in this country so I've got a Cabernet Sauvignon vine at home scheduled to come into production next year. I ...

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  • Bodega Santa Ana

    Posted on December 4, 2009 by Enotriaadmin

    sanalogoAt over 110 years old, this Bodega is one of South America's longest established. Santa Ana has picked up over 100 international awards in the past 25 years, and they have an enviable clutch of vineyards high in the Andean foothills.

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