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Not grim up north

Posted on February 5, 2010 by Enotriaadmin There have been 0 comments

Spent a very interesting day in Leeds on Wednesday, visiting restaurants and bars with a photographer, to capture images for our next Wine List. Cyriaque, our (French) man in Yorkshire, took us all over the city. We visited Anthony's, one of Leeds' most celebrated restaurants, and his new operation Anthony's at the Piazza, which is in the stunning old Corn Exchange (see pictured). After this we took in a couple of long standing Italian restaurants, including the legendary Salvo's in Headingley. Set in an unassuming arcade off the main road, inside the welcome was warm and the food authentic, understated and totally delicious. I had an octopus stew to kick off and a very spicy Penne Arabiata to follow, with a glass of Soave from Bertani. An unexpected wine match you might think, but actually the subtle spice in the wine complemented the food well. Time was running, so we decamped to Trio, just next to the Rugby ground, where we ambushed a group of 21 year olds celebrating a birthday by buying them a bottle of wine in return for a few pictures! Then we zoomed around the city to Kobe, a nice wood and steel creation with a very relaxed vibe. Last stop was the very stylish Epernay Champagne bar back in the city centre, where we watched the snow fall as barman Nate talked us animatedly through his very extensive list of Champagnes. A classy bar in what I've now discovered is a very vibrant town.

Ps Enotria hits Leeds in March for our roadshow tasting.

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