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Posted on October 12, 2010 by Enotriaadmin There have been 0 comments

We're delighted to welcome some fine new additions to our range from MAN vintners in South Africa.

We caught up with Matthew Cooke from MAN at our recent London roadshow where he showed us the Tormentoso Chenin and talked a little about the range.

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When Portuguese explorers first saw the Southern tip of Africa in the late 1500s, they dubbed it “Cabo Tormentoso” or the “Cape of Storms”. There are multiple readings of the word Tormentoso: drama, torment, struggle.

All of these descriptions seem apt when you consider where the grapes are grown. The rocky shale soils of the beautiful Perdeberg region in Paarl is a tough place to be a grape-vine, but fortunately a bit of torment on the vine makes for flavourful grapes. The Tormentoso wines are all sourced from dry-farmed (un-irrigated) vineyards in the Perdeberg region of Paarl.

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