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Food and wine matching al veronese

Posted on March 26, 2012 by Enotriaadmin There have been 0 comments

Fiona Beckett, whose website does exactly what it says in the link, has just returned from Verona where she ate at the legendary osteria Al Pompiere ('The Fireman's Place'). The (many) dishes served were matched to Bertani wines. One dish, tagliatelle with artichoke hearts, looked like it might defeat any red thrown at it. But, as Fiona reveals...

"There was a pasta of the day - tagliatelle with artichoke hearts that I suspect had been par boiled then slowly cooked with oil and butter, served simply with parmesan - a revelation with Bertani’s Secco Valpolicella Valpantena 2010, which is made in the ‘ripasso’ style. Artichokes and red wine are normally a complete no-no, making the wine taste oddly sweet but with the existing touch of sweetness in the wine that didn’t happen."

So an age-old conundrum may be solved!
You can read the whole piece here

Al Pompiere has a good website with some mouthwatering photos and recipes.

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