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No more lycra, I promise...

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Enotriaadmin There have been 0 comments

Danyel is on a bike in Italy with Lawrence Dallalio and Andrew Flintoff...

“The things you agree to do for your customers” – is a phrase that seems to be ringing around my head at the moment.

Currently Freddie & Lawrence and their friends Graeme le Saux and Lee Dixon are currently on day 5 of Stage 2 of their epic Cycle Slam ride from Greece to London. Tomorrow morning first thing I fly to Pisa to join them in Lucca before an early morning start on Friday to attempt my first mountain pass on a bicycle. This headlong start into Stage 3 is probably the most gruelling ride of the entire trip, and to be honest, I’m already dreading it. Hopefully from that point it can only get easier, although from the stories, tweets and blogs coming from the riders currently, I might be being a bit optimistic. That said, the goal of the ride is to raise over £2.012million for some great causes so I’m ready to throw myself into the trip wholeheartedly.

Check out for the various updates and as of Friday, you will also be able to follow my live (but slow) progress on my adventure during the Slam, through to the finish on Tuesday evening in a ski resort where it is still reportedly snowing.

Thank you to all of you have generously donated on my website, to anyone else, there’s still time to have time to rustle down the back of your sofa and you can donate at my Virgin Money Giving page here:

Many thanks and I’ll keep you updated with my adventures.

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