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Every wine the same price...

Posted on May 14, 2012 by Enotriaadmin There have been 0 comments

Brighton pub group Indigo have had a great idea to encourage customers to try something new next time they come in for a glass of wine. So many people, when faced with a choice, default to price - and typically somewhere near the bottom of the list! This means they very often end up with a wine which is both safe and a bit dull.
So, for a limited time only, four of Indigo's pubs are offering all the wines on the list at the same price:
£3.79 for a glass, or £12.79 for a bottle. These very approachable prices also mean that the customer isn't risking an arm when they choose a wine that maybe they haven't tried before. So Viognier, Moscatel, white Rioja all rub shoulders in a delicious mix with Vermentino, Malbec, Barbera and more.
The Indigo Wine Fair runs from May 3 to 31st, at the following Brighton pubs:

Good Companions - 132 Dyke Road City Centre
The Eagle – 125 Gloucester Road
Prince George – 5 Trafalgalgar Street and
Royal Sovereign – 66 Preston Street

Here are some of the wines which feature on this extremely egalitarian list:

All this is backed up by some training from our very own Joe Wadhams to make sure the staff are up to speed and can help the adventurous drinkers make a choice. If you're in the Brighton area go and check out this bright idea!

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