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Stepping out

Posted on June 1, 2012 by Enotriaadmin There have been 0 comments

Enotria's staff have just completed a really fun challenge for charity. The Enotria Big Step Challenge involved distributing pedometers amongst staff, (who each made a contribution to our company charity) who individually and in teams were set the task of walking, running or otherwise achieving 10,000 steps a day each (which is roughly 4.7 miles).
The teams which scored the highest average count per week won a prize at the end of each of the four weeks, as did the highest scoring individual.

Then at the end of the challenge, all the steps were totted up and overall winners in both team and individual events declared.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it was a team from our Warehouse who took the honours, with an incredible 2.5 million steps in total. Iron Curtain - comprised of Robert, Martin, Vladimir, Arkadiusz and Vaidas - win a team dinner to the value of £150. Meanwhile Tim Delaney took individual honours - and a £30 voucher, with his total of 580, 000 steps.
Altogether, 90 of us took part, and our overall total for the 4 weeks was (deep breath)
26,075,103 steps (or twelve thousand, three hundred and forty six miles) – a little more than the distance between London and New Zealand!

Well done to all - it was great fun taking part - and good to have an excuse to do a bit more exercise on a regular basis.

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