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On yer bike

Posted on June 6, 2012 by Enotriaadmin There have been 0 comments

Edgar offers a (more) green option for wine deliveries...

Here on Enotria’s hippy fringe we are always thinking of ways to enhance your drinking enjoyment and simultaneously save the planet.  A tall order?  Enter stage left the amazing Christiania tricycle.  Needing something for the weekend, I brought one in (thanks to the hire scheme run by the good people at  - velorution, geddit?) on Friday and loaded it up with 69 bottles of wine, weighing just short of 100 kilos.  My cycle home to SE14 is around 22km and ends with a hill, so I knew I was going to be pedalling for a while.

By the time I reached the Old Kent Road, the burn was really hurting, so I have to admit to using the secret weapon: electric assist.  Cheating, I know, but my wife wanted to trial it so I had no choice....  1 hour and 55 minutes after setting off, I arrived.  The one drawback to the set up is getting very thirsty by the end.   Luckily I had a few solutions to that particular problem.  And the economics?  At nearly three grand a go, these majestical machines are not cheap and our calculator packed up when we tried to work out how much we would have to charge extra per case for this form of delivery, but nobody said saving the planet was going to be easy.  Any takers?

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