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Euro 2012 - the champions!

Posted on June 26, 2012 by Enotriaadmin There have been 0 comments

Much excitement last night at Café Kick in Shoreditch, East London, as Enotria people and a handful of Spanish and Portuguese wine producers assembled to conduct our own Euro 2012 football championships, on the vintage 'fussball' tables.

'Turkey' (left) take on 'England' (right)
A well-engineered tourament put people in random national teams (I was in Poland) and after the customary group stages, the leading teams went into the knockout stage. Early form was shown by Turkey (comprising two Italians), England (one Frenchman, one Spaniard), Greece (our very own Emma A and Sergio De Luca) and the Russia team led by a Portuguese wine producer and a substantially pregnant Andrea from our wine list design team. Although everyone gave it their best, class shone through and before long Turkey and England found themselves fighting it out in a best-of-three for the ultimate prize.

It was a tightly fought contest, but in the end Gianino Testa and London Sales' Luca Soldo (both pictured on the left side of this picture - including Luca's unusual 'goalie grip') triumphed 2-0. They claim the fantastic prize of tickets for this Summer's Olympics. Well done Turkey!

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