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  • Heartland Dolcetto Lagrein 2009

    Posted on March 15, 2011 by Enotriaadmin

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  • The next big thing is...

    Posted on March 14, 2011 by Enotriaadmin

    We canvassed our customers ahead of the annual tasting - what would be the next big thing in wine drinking? We've seen Aussie Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and New Zealand Sauvignon dominate over the years... so what would be the next wine craze?
    From your online votes we chose a final six styles of wine to try ...

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  • inspired design

    Posted on March 9, 2011 by Enotriaadmin

    the roof of the Leeds corn exchange
    Here's a couple of pics taken on my phone of the roof of Leeds Corn Exchange, where the Enotria roadshow is pouring today. Spectacular victorian design and a beautiful location for a tasting.

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  • A day to inspire

    Posted on March 8, 2011 by Enotriaadmin

    The sun shone on Regent's Park and Enotria customers, interested newcomers, journalists, bloggers and of course a phalanx of wine producers descended on One Marylebone on Monday for our Annual Tasting. The theme of the tasting was Designed to Inspire, and the hundreds of wines on show (including 130 new to the Enotria range on ...

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  • Feeding back loud and clear

    Posted on March 2, 2011 by Enotriaadmin

    At our forthcoming Annual Tasting, we're going to be asking you a very simple question.
    Namely, what wines did you like? Which out of the 500-odd specimens on display blazed across your palate, which winemaker's creation made your eyes light up and sent a shiver down your spine? We're hoping of course that there will be ...

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  • Patagonia wine for Enotria

    Posted on February 28, 2011 by Enotriaadmin

    We are very pleased to announce that from 1st March 2011 Patagonian wine producers Humberto Canale will be distributed exclusively in the UK by Enotria. Humberto Canale is the longest established Patagonian producer, founded in 1909 in the High Valley of the Rio Negro at 39.2 degrees south in southern Argentina. Pinot Noir and Merlot ...

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