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NV Brut Rosé, Bollinger


The wine reveals all the fullness of expression of the Special Cuvée to the nose. All Bollinger is there: presence and modesty, power and delicacy. And yet other notes come to the fore in the mouth: small wild berries in the countryside on hot summer afternoons. Raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries — the first note of acidity is jolted by the sensuousness of the flesh. An impertinent flavour dances in the mouth, but the lively, joyous sparkle of the fruit is always contained by the wine’s precise structure, which gains in fullness and climaxes with mellow notes that stay on the palate and resound in the memory for a long time.

  • Grape varieties: 24% Chardonnay
    14% Pinot Meunier
    62% Pinot Noir
  • Vintage: NV
  • Bottle: 75.00cl
  • Style: Dry
  • Case Size: 6
  • Alcohol/VOL: 12.00%
  • SKU: 586061NV
  • Closure: Agglomerate cork
  • Food matching note:

    Ideal on its own or the perfect accompaniment to grilled seafood, roast pork or even more exotically spiced dishes.

  • Region: Champagne
NV Brut Rosé, Bollinger