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La Casita del Vinador

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The Doñaloba Crianza resides in the DO Arribes, the last well kept secret of the Duero`s fantastic offering of premium wines. The region can produces rich reds with a very well balanced acidity and with most the vineyards sitting at over 600m above sea level – the Doñaloba, which is named after the winemaker's dog who chases his owner on his motorcyle in the vineyards, is no exception. Characteristic indigenous varieties such Rufete, and Juan García make Doñaloba utterly unique. Jon Dowson and Chus Bartolome, who make up “La Casita del Viñador”, and who run everything from vine to bottling line, began their venture in 2004. They recovered abandoned vineyards, some of them planted over a hundred years ago and then in 2005 they produced three barrels of their first Crianza. The year after they bought 17 more barrels, French and American and introduced two new varieties. We’re very excited about this new producer who have big plans for expansion.

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