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Inspired by the example of Champagne and informed by his winemaking studies in Montpellier, Giulio Ferrari’s vision for the products which bear his name was unstinting: to make the finest Metodo Classico sparkling wines in Italy. A bold pledge in 1902, but to this day, the wines of Ferrari remain true to their original creator, persisting through the arrival of the Lunelli family as owners of the business in 1952. Owner of Trento’s best-known wine bar of the day, Bruno Lunelli was uniquely positioned to understand and persevere with the Ferrari dream, sourcing grapes from high in the Trentino hills and never compromising the painstaking Metodo Classico production methods.

It’s an approach that has persisted through two more generations, with Gino, Franco and Mauro entering the business in 1969, and Bruno’s grandchildren, Matteo, Camilla and Marcello, following suit in 2005. This consistent philosophy has turned Giulio’s dream into reality, with Ferrari today acknowledged as the finest sparkling wine producer in the country, and a member of Altagamma, the high-end Italian association which also includes such luxury icons as Gucci, Versace and Valentino.

Other wines by this producer

  1. NV Maximum Brut, Ferrari

    NV Maximum Brut, Ferrari


    A deep straw yellow. A gentle, yet positive and persistent bouquet, with a note of ripe fruit accompanied by hints of crusty bread, hazelnuts and variegated floral aromas. Dry, elegant and well-balanced. It displays notable personality, with the intense fruity notes that are typical of Chardonnay accompanied by appealing nuances of vanilla and yeast that linger for a long time on the palate.

  2. NV Maximum Rosé, Ferrari

    NV Maximum Rosé, Ferrari


    Delicately fragrant, with hints of berry fruits, yeast and a faintly balsamic
    undertone of considerable complexity.

  3. 2008 Perlé, Ferrari

    2008 Perlé, Ferrari


    An intense bouquet, but of particular finesse, with scents of almond blossom, rennet apples, a faint spiciness and a hint of crusty bread. Dry, crisp and elegant, with a very persistent finish.

  4. 2008 Perlé Rosé, Ferrari

    2008 Perlé Rosé, Ferrari


    An intense yet fine and elegant bouquet, with dominant notes of ripe berry fruits (redcurrants, fraises des bois and raspberries) and appealing
    hints of orange peel, rose and cumin.Dry and velvety.

  5. Giulio Riserva 89 Ferrari 6/75
  6. Giulio Riserva 91 Ferrari 6/75
  7. Giulio Riserva 92 Ferrari 6/75
  8. Giulio Riserva 93 Ferrari 6/75
  9. Giulio Riserva 94 Ferrari 6/75
  10. Giulio Riserva 96 Ferrari 6/75
  11. Giulio Riserva 97 Ferrari 6/75
  12. Giulio Riserva 95 Ferrari 6/75
  13. 2004 Giulio Riserva, Ferrari

    2004 Giulio Riserva, Ferrari

  14. 2008 Perlé Nero, Ferrari

    2008 Perlé Nero, Ferrari


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