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Even in today’s Lonely Planet age of modern travel, the stunning Calabria region of southern Italy remains relatively untouched – visually beautiful, but an historically poor area where infrastructure and tourist facilities are (many would say thankfully) still rather lacking.

The Librandi family have been vineyard owners here for centuries, combining a distinctly contemporary approach to winemaking with a desire to preserve the viticultural heritage of the Cirò coastal region in which they are based.

Work with academics and consultants, most notably acclaimed viticultural expert Professor Attilio Scienza, is aimed at recovering and understanding ancient grape varieties which are, in many cases, the legacy of centuries dominated by Greek culture. You can taste the results in a range of wines that expresses the distinct character of varietals such as Greco and Gaglioppo, sourced from 230 hectares of Librandi vineyards, through fresh, clean, modern winemaking.

Other wines by this producer

  1. 2011 Cirò Classico Riserva, Duca San Felice, Librandi

    Beautiful ruby red colour with an evident orange edge to it, and a rich bouquet of spice and liquorice with a hint of tar. Medium bodied and well defined, expressing black fruit flavours alongside well integrated tannin and a dry finish.

  2. 2013 Cirò Rosso, Librandi

    2013 Cirò Rosso, Librandi


    Leather, cherry and violets dominate the nose. Rich middle mouth, with fresh acidity and tannins, good fruit and spice. A wonderful medium-bodied texture combines with superfine tannins. Finishes elegantly with nice fruit expression.

  3. 2014 Cirò Bianco Greco, Librandi

    Fresh and fruity wine with a good vibrant finish.

  4. 2014 Bianco Critone, Librandi

    2014 Bianco Critone, Librandi


    Intense varietal aromas, very elegant, balanced, dry and harmonious taste with slight vinous hints.

  5. 2011 Le Passule, Librandi

    2011 Le Passule, Librandi


    Aromatic and unctuous on the nose with plenty of dried fruit and grapey aromas. Lovely spicy fruit combines with well balanced acidity, a sweet but not overly heavy palate and an attractive creamy soft finish to round off the wine beautifully.

  6. 2014 Cirò Rosato, Librandi

    2014 Cirò Rosato, Librandi


    Delightfuly fresh, delicate nose of crushed raspberries and ripe summer fruits which find their way into the palate to balance the crisp, light body and refreshing length, displaying the hallmark qualities of a fine drinking blush.

  7. 2014 Efeso Bianco, Librandi

    2014 Efeso Bianco, Librandi


    A structured wine with a smokey, woody finish.

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