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Erich Machherndl

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The Machherndl family have been making wine since 1786 from their eight-hectare estate in the heart of the Wachau region at Woesendorf, south-west of the town of Krems. Erich Jr took over in 1998 and has become a dynamic representative of the younger Wachauer generation who successfully mix modern techniques with traditional values. Named after the Wachau Classification, Federspiel wines are elegant and medium-bodied. Smaragd graded wines are richer, more full-bodied and have great ageing potential.

Other wines by this producer

  1. Grun Veltlin Smar Koll 12 Machherndl /75

    Camomile and straw aromas with a rich, round palate and a crisp and refreshing finish.

  2. Riesling Feder M+M 12 Machherndl 6/75

    Softly floral on the nose followed by fruit and floral notes on the palate and a mineral backbone.

  3. Grun Veltlin Feder Koll 14 Machh 6/75

    Fruity, textured white with apples, pears and spice on the palate and a hint of mint on the finish.

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