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Domaine Bernard Moreau

Bernard and sons, Alex and Benoit, have climbed rapidly to the top tier of Chassagne production with wines of vibrancy and individual personality. A huge amount of thinking goes into handcrafting of the wines, from careful timing of when the grapes are picked (for the right level of acidity), to tasting the musts and wines at all stages of élevage before deciding what course of action to take. Nothing is done by rote – the Moreaus respond to the characteristics of their developing wine to bring out the best of every vintage.

Other wines by this producer

  1. Chass Montrachet Blanc 11 Moreau 6/75

    Medium lemon yellow in the glass. Fruity nose showing grapefruit, pear, and well-judged oak. On the palate, the finesse and balance of the wine comes through with enlivening acidity and a complex seam of minerality. Old World subtlety and depth at its best.

  2. Bourgogne Chardonnay 12 Moreau 12/75

    Fresh, creamy texture with flavours of pear and hints of oak and caramel.

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