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Nicola Bergaglio

Organics are meaningless as far as the Bergaglios are concerned; what matters are the numbers of swallows which come back each year to enjoy the insects which thrive in their vineyards on their old and healthy Cortese plants. Consequently, what can be achieved directly through hard work is important, and getting hold of the family is difficult: in the first week of December 2011 they were cutting down chestnut trees on their estate; then they cut the timber into shape; then they took some other timber which had been seasoned in the open for over a year and they used it to replace stakes in their vineyard. The Gavi di Gavi, La Minaia bears testament to this.‘Minaia’ means ‘mine’ and mines mean minerals; lots of lemony minerals.

Other wines by this producer

  1. 2013 Gavi di Gavi, Vigneto Ciapon DOCG, Bergaglio

    This wine is a powerful, but dry and elegant wine with a complex and pleasant taste.

  2. 2014 Gavi di Gavi, La Minaia, Nicola Bergaglio

    Pale gold in colour with flashes of diamond brilliance, it has a light, fresh, mineral and citrus bouquet. The palate is crisp and dry, with a hint of ripe pears and a complex array of red and green apples, the finish is mouthwateringly refreshing and lengthy.

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