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Kurambon Wine

Located 100km west of Tokyo, the Koshu grape variety is grown exclusively in the Yamanashi prefecture of Japan. Koshu is a Vitis Vinifera variety, thought to have been brought originally from Syria along the silk roads and on to Japan over 1,000 years ago. It was only in 2010 that a small group of Koshu producers joined forces to export this unique and extremely limited production wine to the UK, and we are honoured to have started a relationship with Kurambon Wine and become one of the first importers of this unique wine into the UK. The wine style is somewhere between English, Alsatian and New Zealand; the Koshu grape is very delicate and the resulting wine is aromatic, with low alcohol and good acidity, the perfect accompaniment to delicately flavoured food or as a subtle and refreshing glass of wine by itself.

The name Kurambon Wine originates in the language of the conversations in a short novel "Yamanashi" of a very famous auther in Japan "Kenji Miyazawa". He insisted the importance of balanced coexistence of human being and natural environment with which idea our winery sympathises.

Other wines by this producer

  1. 2011 Koshu, 'Sol Lucet', Kurambon Wine

    This is a refreshing, delicate and dry wine using Japan’s distinctive Koshu grapes. Very pale in colour, it has lively acidity that is well balanced with the fruit characters of green apple, which comes through towards the finish. The main characteristics of this wine, the Japanese citrus notes of “Kabosu” and “Yasu”, fully express the distinctive character of the Koshu grape.

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