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Kurambon Wine

Located 100km west of Tokyo, the Koshu grape variety is grown exclusively in the Yamanashi prefecture of Japan. Koshu is a Vitis Vinifera variety, thought to have been brought originally from Syria along the silk roads and on to Japan over 1,000 years ago. It was only in 2010 that a small group of Koshu producers joined forces to export this unique and extremely limited production wine to the UK, and we are honoured to have started a relationship with Kurambon Wine and become one of the first importers of this unique wine into the UK. The style is somewhere between English, Alsatian and New Zealand; the Koshu grape is very delicate and the resulting wine is aromatic, with low alcohol and good acidity; the perfect accompaniment to delicately-flavoured food, or as a subtle and refreshing glass of wine by itself.

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