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Wine preservation systems

With an increasingly difficult trading environment, offering several wines by the glass is a service that should be offered at all levels of the on trade business. Research tells us that consumers are looking for value for money, not just cheap wines. Offering a range of sensibly priced wines by the glass gives important trade up opportunities for an outlet.

Installing a preservation system shows your customer how serious you are about wine. It demonstrates your commitment to quality and service. In addition, it creates a buzz about wine in the outlet and engages staff and consumers on the subject.  A glass of quality wine in excellent condition means customer satisfaction will increase.

 by the glass machineMaintaining the quality of the wine once opened is crucial. Enotria partner with a number of leading market suppliers to offer our customers a range of preservation systems. Depending on the system used, outlets can benefit in many ways:

  • Eliminates/reduces wastage
  • Fixed pour measures
  • Perfect temperature(in BTG and Enomatic)
  • Increase value/mix of wines sold
  • Ease of service


And for the customer:

  • Customer experience enhancement  - a little indulgence, a treat.
  • Removal of risk - not having to buy a full bottle customers can broaden their choice, try new things
  • Perfect quality - no oxidation

So whether it's a Presorvac, a Verre de Vin or a By The Glass® system, Enotria has the partner to supply and install these systems.