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The single most effective way to improve your wine sales is by giving staff confidence through effective wine training. Sometimes wine training can come across as complicated or stiff - we don’t think it needs to be like this. Whatever training we do for you – for beginner, intermediate or advanced - we try to make our sessions likely, engaging, informative and fun. We have a range of training solutions to suit the needs of each and every outlet. Many of our courses are bespoke and tailored to your business.

  • Training options

    Which training package would be perfect for your organisation?

    Answer these simple questions and we will find the correct training solution to your needs.

  • Question 1 of 5

    The number of employees selling wine where i work is?

    Less than 3
    More than 5
    More than 10
  • Question 2 of 5

    The venue is ...

    Wet led (sells more drink than food)
    Food led (focus is on food)
  • Question 3 of 5

    Most of my customers ...

    Know a little about wine
    Know a lot about wine
    Know very little about wine
  • Question 4 of 5

    I would describe my own level of wine knowledge as

    Non–existent, but keen to learn
    Low, but growing
    Intermediate – I can name or describe some wine types and regions
    Quite high – I take an active interest in wine and enjoy learning more
  • Question 5 of 5

    I want to learn more about wine

    Because I find it interesting and would like to have more knowledge
    To help me sell better wines to my customers – I’m not especially into wine myself
    To make me a more valuable member of staff
    To enable me to make better choices about which wines to put on my wine list
    All of the above!
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Great service = attitude + skill

In this excerpt from our Serving Wine with Confidence program, we focus on the key elements of great customer service: staff attitude and their skill.

Serving wine with confidence

Here's a short video from our Serving Wine with Confidence course around the basics of wine tasting, and categorising wine into different types.