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  1. Montepulciano Jorio 12 AVUR 6/75

    Deep ruby red, recalls plums and red cherries on the nose, followed by balsamic and salty notes on a background of ripe liquorice. With eloquent and clean tannins in the mouth, it comes across as full and vigorous, with a long and intense finish.

  2. Montepulciano Bianchi 14 AVUR 12/75
  3. Montepulciano Podere 14 Umani.R 6/75

    Medium bodied and dry, with a finely textured structure and ripe, plummy fruit.

  4. Montepulciano 13 AVUR 24/37.5

    Montepulciano 13 AVUR 24/37.5


    Medium bodied with delicious redcurrant fruit and oak flavours; lively acidity and firm tannins.

  5. Montepulciano 14 AVUR 24/37.5

    Montepulciano 14 AVUR 24/37.5

  6. Montepulciano Bianchi 13 AVUR 12/75

    Medium bodied and dry and with a finely textured structure to support the ripe plummy fruit.

6 Item(s)