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  1. Merlot Reserve 12 Forrester 6/75

    Hints of cherries and mint with meat-spice and smoky undertones. Softly rounded & accessible wine with balanced tannins for early drinking.

  2. Merlot Reserve 13 Forrester 6/75
  3. The Gypsy 11 Forrester 6/75

    The Gypsy 11 Forrester 6/75


    The character is somewhat wild, a little brambly with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, dark spices, with vanilla scents and a distinct, concentrated red-fruit focus. Great for laying down and keeping for at least ten years but already rewarding if allowed to breathe in a decanter.

  4. Petit Pinotage 14 Forrester 6/75

    Classic Pinotage aromas of spicy mulberries, plum pudding and cherries, with more subtle hints of smoky bacon. Juicy and accessible with a soft palate and delicious fruit concentration.

  5. Petit Pinotage 15 Forrester 6/75
  6. Petit Cabernet Merlot 13 Forrester 6/75

    A youthful, fresh Bordeaux-styled blend showing plums and spiciness. Very accessible with a smooth and balanced texture.

  7. The Renegade 11 Forrester 6/75

    This elegant blend (our 10th vintage) displays Old World Style with New World fruit. Hint of Grenache's earthy rustic charm and Shiraz's noble spice with hints of nutmeg and salty black olive on the finish. Balanced with soft integrated tannins.

7 Item(s)