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  1. Carmenere 12 Falernia 6/75

    Carmenere 12 Falernia 6/75


    Fairly deep red with a pale rim. Very sweet ripeness on the nose, possibly red gooseberry jam and a
    hint of green pepper. Ripe fruit on palate with soft texture.

  2. Carmenere Syrah Reserv 13 Falernia 6/75

    Bright and deep in colour. This wine shows rich fruit concentration; on the nose black pepper, red fruit, dark chocolate. Great body with soft tannins on the palate.

  3. Syrah 12 Falernia 6/75

    Syrah 12 Falernia 6/75


    Spicy aromas of pepper, vanilla and red fruit with a hint of liquorice underpinning the darker fruits on show. Full bodied on the palate.

  4. Elki Sangiovese 12 Falernia 6/75

    Vibrant, juicy and supple Sangiovese from Chiles northern Elqui Valley that bursts with English summer red fruits.

  5. Syrah Reserva 11 Falernia 6/75

    Very bright colour; elegant nose with black pepper and floral notes. Medium-full bodied with very soft tannins and good balance. Great length and fruity after taste.

  6. Carmenere Reserva 13 Falernia 6/75

    Deep in colour, green pepper, chocolate and vanilla notes on the nose, rich with ripe tannins and spicy aroma on the palate.

  7. Malbec Reserva 12 Falernia 6/75

    Rose petal, violet, white pepper aromas. Bright palate with succulentblackberries and spiced game finish. Lush and very pure.

7 Item(s)