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  1. Cond La Petite Cote 13 Cuilleron 6/75

    Pineapple and hay aromas with some by floral and herbaceous nuances. Juicy, light and fresh; a wine of modest size and depth, but one with good mineral spine and liveliness.

  2. Condrieu Vertige 13 Cuilleron 6/75

    The Vertige is sourced from Yves' oldest and highest vines. Tropical and citric fruits flavour persist, balanced by 18 months in oak.

  3. Cond Chaillets VV 13 Cuilleron 6/75

    Wonderfully opulent and perfumed on the nose with dollops of honey allied to blossom and spicy complexity. The palate is rich and full again with great acidity, giving the wine and exceptional balance, and we suspect longevity.

  4. Viognier IGP 14 Cuilleron 6/75

    Viognier IGP 14 Cuilleron 6/75


    This is an aromatic wine, with delicate floral notes and hints of apricot; fresh and dry.

4 Item(s)