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  1. Chardonnay Lot 5 10 Leyda 6/75

    Chardonnay Lot 5 10 Leyda 6/75


    Complex wine that shows character of the site. Has a great diversity of flavours and layers, together with a smooth texture and a bright and mineral acidity.

  2. Chardonnay Falaris Hill Vyd 13 Leyd 6/75

    Falaris Hill Vineyard Chardonnay has a refined and complex nose with ripe citrus character and mineral notes. Subtle oak influence combines with lemon and dry wheat aromas. Fresh and dense in the mouth, with a creamy texture in the mid palate and a lively acidity further back, providing freshness and length to a toasted almonds aftertaste.

  3. Chardonnay Reserva 14 Leyda 6/75

    As a tribute to the varietal pureness, this is a fruit driven style and unoaked Chardonnay.It has ripe citrus and semitropical hints of kiwi and cherimoya. it has sweet and leesy texture, balanced with a juicy finish.

3 Item(s)