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  1. Finest Reserve Port NV Crasto 6/75

    Lifted and complex bouquet of ripe red wild berries, figs and a slight touch of wild indegigenous herbs. The palate shows excellent harmony and complexity, a fine presence and great balance between fresh wild berries, firm tannins, well balanced acidity and a long and elegant finish.

  2. LBV Port 19.5% 11 Crasto 6/75
  3. LBV Port 19.5% 10 Crasto 6/75

    This late bottled Vintage shows brooding black cherry fruit with a huge cedary core. A simple wine with a fine dark colour, ripe and mouth filling and rounded off by sweet finish.

  4. Artolas White 14 Vidigal 6/75

    Artolas White 14 Vidigal 6/75


    Refreshing nose with tropical fruit and citrus notes, with emphasis on the passionfruit character. The palate is bright with mineral notes and a long, lemony finish.

  5. Douro Superior 12 Crasto 1/1.5

    Lifted aromas of fresh Douro red forests fruits, very well combined with elegant bush and spice characters. Excellent approach, with upfront red fruits leading to a solid structure with fresh and elegant tannins. Great acidity, developing to a pleasant, well balanced and persistent finished.

  6. C. Passarella A Descoberta White 14 6/75

    Great elegance with a firm freshness. Cirus fruits with nderlying hints of rosemary and sage.

  7. Douro Superior 13 Crasto 1/1.5
  8. Abanico Red Res. 10 Casa Passarella 6/75

    Full bodied, ripe red fruit with notes of cocoa and sweet spices.

  9. Res. Selecta 13 Quinta da Plansel 6/75

    Dark garnet with floral notes reminiscent of violets and orange blossom. Wild dark fruits with a hint of spice on the palate.

  10. Branco Selecta 14 Quinta da Plansel 6/75

    Subtle citrus and pineapple on the nose, with ripe white peach and exotic fruit on the palate.

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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