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  1. Trebbiano Poggio Quercia NV Contri 6/75

    Dry, white wine with fruity and upfront bouquet, with a nice citrus fresh finish.

  2. Brut NV Taittinger 12/37.5

    Brut NV Taittinger 12/37.5


    Crisp, citrusy aromas with subtle toasty notes lead to an elegant, balanced palate with a lively, mousse texture and a crisp, flavourful finish.

  3. Vina Cerrada 07 Rioja Reserva 6/75

    This wine is cherry red with brick red tones. There are intense, spicy, ripe cherry and plum aromas merged with notes of tobacco, toffee, vanilla and wood. On the palate, the body is full and fleshy with excellent balance.

  4. Taylor's 10 YO Tawny 6/75

    Taylor's 10 YO Tawny 6/75


    An exceptionally fine old tawny blend, aged for an average of 10 years in oak casks. Elegant and smooth, combining delicate wood notes and rich mellow fruit, it is bottled for immediate drinking.

  5. Lemon Liqueur 33% NV Ravello 8/70

    A unique liquor with very distinguishable, mildly sweet lemon flavour. Although pungent it has a great structure and a certain elegant, delicate approach to the palate.

  6. Brut Mosaique NV Jacquart 6/75

    Brut Mosaique NV Jacquart 6/75


    A light, golden yellow colour with fine, long-lasting bubbles. The bouquet is lovely and fresh with fruity grape and pear hints mingling with intense notes of bread crust. Fresh and rather powerful on the palate creating a balanced overall impression with a lovely, long-lasting finish; spice bread and fruit flavours.

  7. Laurent Perrier Brut NV 6/1.5

    Laurent Perrier Brut NV 6/1.5


    A strong vivid colour and delicate yet complex nose , indicating a relatively high proportion of black grapes. A mature style of non-vintage champagne with hints of citrus fruit, and a good balanced palate.

  8. Cordon Rouge Brut NV Mumm 6/75

    Cordon Rouge Brut NV Mumm 6/75


    Bright white gold in colour with a fine and consistent perlage and a clean, subtle nose. The palate is packed with rich yellow peach and apricot flavours with subtle hints of toasted nuts, yeast and hints of vanilla. Finishes elegant, lengthy and dry.

  9. Inycon Rosso NV Settesoli 1/1000

    A medium bodied red wine with ripe fruit characters with soft, well-rounded tannins and a concentrated finish.

  10. Grappa Fragolino Cru 45 NV Nonino 6/50

    Individual, aromatic, the bouquet captures the scent of blueberries and forest fruits.

Items 21 to 30 of 1431 total