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  1. Barbera Vignota 13 C-F 6/75

    Barbera Vignota 13 C-F 6/75


    A wine ruby red in appearance with cherry reflections. Elegantly scented with pleasant notes of cherry and sour cherry. Very rich extractions on the palate, persistent but simultaneously soft.

  2. Ginestrino Nebbiolo d'Alba 14 6/75
  3. Ginestrino Nebbiolo d'Alba 13 6/75

    Very Lively ruby colour with garnet reflections; persistent and appealing bouquet with rose and peach notes. Soft and rounded on the palate with good structure and mature tannin.

  4. Dolcetto Bastia 14 C. Fantino 6/75

    Mouthwatering acid structure and agreeably soft in texture. Displays lovely cherry, berry and floral flavours, with an earthy, barnyard note. Ready to drink.

4 Item(s)