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  1. Moelleux Cts  Montravel 12 Laulerie 6/75

    Pale gold with barley sugar and orange blossom and a sweet, creamy palate.

  2. Comtesse de Segur Blanc 13 Dubard 6/75

    This white wine, fermented and aged in french barrels, offers intense aromas of pine resin, fresh melon and grilled almonds. A lively attack leads into a full flavoured, powerful mid palate where the velvety texture gives a wonderful depth to this wine.

  3. Chateau Laulerie Sauv. 14 Dubard 6/75

    On the nose, this white wine combines gooseberry, exotic fruit and peach. The palate is rich and generous, with a fresh, tasty finish and a fruity after-taste.

  4. Chateau Laulerie Merlot 14 Dubard 6/75

    Soft and supple Merlot blend from up-and-coming young winemaker Grégory Dubard in Bergerac. Lively red fruit with a hint of pepper characterise the nose of this red wine. A supple and velvety palate, accompanied by berry fruit aromas make this medium-weight wine easy-to-drink and ideal for the summer.

4 Item(s)