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  1. Cotes de Provence 13 Ch Gassier 6/75

    Full of ripe red berry fruits on the nose, the palate is deliciously fruity, soft and very easy to drink, finishing crisp and refreshing.

  2. Symphonie 14 Chateau St Marguerite 3/150
  3. Le Pas Du Moine Rose 14 Gassier 6/75

    Pale pink colour. Beguiling and elegant fruit, dry, super-smooth and balanced body. Very moreish.

  4. Gde Reserve Rose 14 Ste Marguerite 6/75

    Rosé Grande Réserve is a splash of a fresh fruit bouquet with a nose of flowers. Its authentic aroma and its flavours fully illustrate the freshness and the benefits of organic agriculture.

  5. A gorgeous bottle of Provence rose with a fine and elegant sparkle. The nose offers up a fresh, soft scent of strawberry, raspberry and a little cherry. The mousse is mouth filling and fine. Flavours of red berries and a little spice. Delicious and refreshing.

  6. Symphonie 14 Chateau Ste Marguerite 6/75
  7. Comte de Provence Rose 14 La Vidau. 6/75

    Classic light pink in the glass. A light, bright nose of wild strawberries. Refreshing and smooth on the palate. Moreish finish.

7 Item(s)