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  1. Rosso Montepulciano 13 Poliziano 6/75

    A young and fruity wine, full bodied but not aggressive, it displays a good balance of complexity and drinkability.

  2. Vino Nobile Asinone 12 Poliziano 6/75
  3. Vino Nobile 12 Poliziano 6/75

    A well structured wine with an intense perfume of juicy, ripe fruit and a rich palate, with just the right amount of tannin.

  4. Vino Nobile Asinone 11 Poliziano 6/75

    Almost opaque, the wine has an exceptional nose of spice, fruits and new oak. The palate is complex and refined with great integration between fruit, oak and tannin.

4 Item(s)