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  1. 2013 Rosé, Kenton

    2013 Rosé, Kenton


    Lovely soft rose with ripe summer fruit notes on the nose, which follow through onto the palate, and a long finish. 12% alcohol

  2. Estate Red 13 Kenton 6/75

    Estate Red 13 Kenton 6/75


    This has a greater proportion of Pinot Noir than the previous vintage which has produced more red fruit characters of cherry and hints of strawberry. Subtle use of oak produces light cedar aromas.

  3. Estate White 14 Kenton 6/75

    “a dry, full flavoured aromatic wine with floral notes and citrus aromas”

  4. 2013 Bacchus, Kenton Vineyard

    2013 Bacchus, Kenton Vineyard


    Made 100% from Bacchus grapes grown at the vineyard, this is a highly aromatic, slightly off dry wine with classic Bacchus elderflower notes.

4 Item(s)