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  1. Barbaresco Coste Rubin 10 FF 6/75

    Barbaresco is a wine which demands attention and respect: for its prestigious history, which is the result of hard work, but above all on account of the splendid sensations it offers in the glass. It has a brilliant garnet-red colour, while the bouquet is complex, with ethereal, spicy overtones on well-balanced wood, intense vanilla, cooked fruit and cinnamon. Its deep, velvety and well-balanced flavour lingers on the palate, confirming the long ageing process which combines lavish nature with great technical skill.

  2. Barolo Vigna La Rosa 10 6/75

    Barolo Vigna La Rosa 10 6/75


    The Vigna La Rosa Barolo is harmonious, well-rounded and elegant in taste; its very fine and delicate bouquet is reminiscent of faded roses and, with the ageing process, tends to acquire a pronounced earthy style but with a velvety sort of taste.

  3. Ginestrino Nebbiolo d'Alba 13 6/75

    Very Lively ruby colour with garnet reflections; persistent and appealing bouquet with rose and peach notes. Soft and rounded on the palate with good structure and mature tannin.

  4. Ginestrino Nebbiolo d'Alba 14 6/75

4 Item(s)