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  1. P Fuisse Roche 12 Manciat 6/75

    P Fuisse Roche 12 Manciat 6/75


    Up front, generous nose of tropical and ripe white fruits. The palate is suggestive of its lees contact in barrel, but only hints at this with bready flavours squeezed in around its pineapple fruit and mineral acidity.

  2. Pouilly-Fuisse VV Crays 12 Manciat 6/75

    Smoky, toasty and pineappley on the nose, shows a palate pleasing breadth of minerals, grapefruit and red apples, some toasty, nutty highlights and a soft, juicy finish.

  3. Macon Charnay 13 Manciat-Poncet 6/75

    Fresh, youthfully ripe aromas of apples and some bready character, the palate is soft and succulent showing grapefruit and mineral flavours with a clean, refreshing finish.

3 Item(s)